The Approach

Few things provide more excitement and more anxiety than building your new home or watching your current one undergo change. The client-architect relationship is a very personal one. Many aspects of your life will be scrutinized to understand the avenues of success for your project. My ability to adapt to your needs is one of my strengths. Although the outline for my design process is relatively the same, the execution is personally written for each client. Like the project they bring to the table, each client brings an array of variables unique to them and their project.

Although the names of the various stages of the design process may be familiar, my personal approach to each stage creates a platform for collaboration. Through a reiterative cycle of observation, questioning, concept generation, and detailed design, I develop an architectural response to your architectural needs. With that comes an experienced understanding of what the “next step” is or could be for your project. The refinement of your project is always “forward-looking” because your decisions are made in good confidence. Your project is always a combined effort. I structure an authentic, collaborative process that promotes a meaningful dialogue with you, your builder, and myself. Your dreams, your thoughts, compiled with my experience and understanding, results in a solution that will exceed your expectations. Together, we craft your hopes and dreams into a common vision, of uncommon results.