Building Science Integration

For a large part of my early career, I worked for Building Science Corporation (BSC), an internationally recognized and authoritative Building Science Consulting Firm. At BSC I had the privilege to work with some of the most well-known and highly respected leaders in the Building Science community, developing patterns and systematic engineering practices for the future of the residential construction industry throughout the country. The insight and mentorship provided by these industry experts was priceless to a young architect’s career. My experience and collaboration with them has set me apart from the traditional field of residential architecture. It has provided me with the ability to see and understand projects far beyond traditional filters of residential design. It has led me to develop not only aesthetically pleasing architecture, but architecture that integrates sound building science principles. Principles of energy efficiency, durability, health, comfort, and environmental responsibility are standards of practice in my work. This results in providing my clients with exceptional, complete, valued design solutions to their design problems.

For most architects and designers, they design their building in a traditional format and then attempt to apply building science principles and energy efficient features in an effort to distinguish their project as “green” or “sustainable”. In many cases this leads to failure rather than success, or simply misled design. My education and experience at BSC has instituted the knowledge and discipline to integrate sound building science as an integral part of the design, never just an application. My ability to see beyond and to tease out details to find new meaningful strategies is commonplace in my work. The result synthesizes beauty, function, economy, and performance into a common thread of success.